Cachebot Map Screenshot

Push Notifications

Cachebot sends you instant push notifications as soon as a new cache is published so you’ll never miss the chance for a FTF again.

Organize Caches in Lists

Create a list with all the caches for the next tour or keep track of the caches you still have to log. Caches in lists are available offline.

Additional Waypoints

You’ll love doing multi caches with Cachebot because entering new waypoints is super easy and fast with the special coordinate keyboard.

Pocket Queries

Download Pocket Queries onto your iPhone so you have access to all of your geocaches when there’s no internet connection.

Precise Navigation

The navigator precisely guides you to the next target location. Switch to the map view to get an overview on what the best path is to get there.

Elegant User Interface

Cachebot provides a clean and elegant user interface. Despite its many features, it’s intuitive and easy to use.